Funeral pre-planning is the act of making your own or a loved one’s funeral arrangements in advance. It’s simple common sense … the best time to plan for a funeral is not when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. That time is now, when you can consider the many choices available to you, and make decisions without the added pressure of the grief process. Our licensed funeral directors will assist you with kindness, compassion, and understanding, helping you and your family toward peace of mind. By making pre-arrangements you will ensure that your personal wishes will be honored at the time of your death.

Making pre-arrangements can also protect your financial resources. If you are considering moving from your home into an assisted nursing facility or nursing home, it is a wise decision to pre-pay your funeral expenses in advance before your assets have been diminished. There are many options when making pre-arrangements.

  • Having the biographical information on file at the funeral home will assist your survivors from having to remember all of the important details of your life, when their minds are clouded with the loss due to death.
  • Selection of the type of service you wish to have will give your family peace of mind on what type of service you wished to have.
  • Pre-paying options are also available, so your family will not have the added burden of wondering how they are going to pay for your final funeral expenses. The McDonald Funeral Home places monies received in insurance annuity policies. There are different plans available to place pre-payment monies in:
    • GUARANTEED - Payment can be made in Full; this will guarantee that NO additional funds will be required at the time of death. By making payment in Full this guarantees the costs of our services and merchandise you have selected will not change.
    • We can also arrange for an insurance policy that will guarantee for your entire funeral costs even when you pass away prior to making all of the payments.
    • NON-GUARANTEED – This is a payment that you fund at your discretion, in any amount you wish and in the frequency of the payments as well. This will not lock our costs into place; however, it will give your family a down payment on the total cost of the funeral.

We would be happy to meet you and assist you with any questions that you may have regarding making your funeral pre-arrangements and taking the first steps toward protecting your family. We can meet with you at any of the McDonald Funeral Home facilities or in the comfort of your own home.