Cremation Options

Years ago, people thought that choosing cremation meant that they could not have a funeral service. This is not true. Today’s funeral traditions provide many dignified and loving alternatives. Cremation is a matter of choice.

Since we are the only funeral home in Whiteside County to own and operate our own on-premise crematory, we are experts in cremation, offering you the confidence that your loved one will never leave our care. That means peace of mind for you, through every step of the process. You have a world of commemorative choices. With cremation, you may elect to have a funeral, memorial or graveside service so friends can say goodbye and commemorate a life lived.

Today, cremation offers more options and touching memorial opportunities than ever before. In fact, most people who decide on cremation choose burial of the cremated remains as well. Often, the urn is buried in a cemetery, or placed in a columbarium niche for a lasting tribute. Other times the cremated remains are scattered in a special memorial garden, or other location that has a special meaning to the family or the cremated remains can be retained by the family. Cremated remains are most commonly placed in some sort of permanent container, this may be bronze, brass, wood, glass, stone, synthetic stone, or marble.