Agean - $5,295.00

32 oz. Solid Copper with Natural Brushed Hyacinth Coral Finish and Pink Velvet Interior

Vienna - $4,495.00

Solid Walnut with Natural Deluxe Satin Finish with Camellia Velvet Interior

Envoy - $4,195.00

Solid Cherry with Colonial Gloss Finish and Camellia Velvet Interior

Princeton - $3,995.00

Solid Mahogany -Royal Mahogany Gloss Finish with Beige Velvet Interior

Wyoming - $3,795.00

Solid Maple with Natural Gloss Finish with Champaign Velvet Interior.  Also available with Pink Velvet Interior.

Revere Praying Hands -$3,595.00

Stainless Steel with Praying Hands Panel and Blue Velvet Interior

Tiger Eye - $3,495.00

16 gauge steel gasketed with Light Copper Brushed Tiger Eye / Black Russett Finish and Camellia Velvet Interior

Jackson - $3,395.00

Solid Pecan Satin Finish with Champaign Velvet Interior

Vista - $3,095.00

Solid Poplar - Earthtone Satin Finish with Rosetan Crepe Interior.  27" Interior Oversized fits in a standard burial vault.

Montclair - $2,895.00

Solid Oak- Light Tawney Oak Finish with Champagne Velvet Interior